Mutoscope refurbishment complete and today I inserted my wedding reel. I am very, very happy. I can't thank you enough. My wife is going to love it. For me at least, we'll worth the time and hurdles that we needed to overcome.
> This truly is old school and we had to revert back in the technology timeline on many levels. It is a lost art. You are probably one of the few, if not the only person, in the world with the original equipment who could take on such a request. I hope you pass on this knowledge and safeguard this wonderful equipment.
> Again, what you did for me and my wife will always be greatly appreciated.
> All the best,

Customer Comments
From an email 11-8-12
From an email 1-6-13

I got it!   Everything is good,  Nice reel.  We will certainly do more business in the future!
Thanks again for your excellent service and happy New Year.
From an email 2-16-13

Hi hi!

I got home and had the best surprise ever! thanks so much! I love it! the kids will love it more!

there is only one problem...I opened the compartment that holds the change and there was only 2 quarters and one was from me! How do you expect me to believe we only made 25 cents in over 50 years! LOL you been buying cookies behind my back these 5o years haven't you ;)

I will try to make more dough than that :P lol

thanks again! if you are ever in the area please stop by and check out the other toys!

Cheerios and thank again, you are the best!

From an email 1-10-14

Reel arrived yesterday. Thank you. It looks terrific. The quality is exceptional. Haven't played it yet, but will try it soon.  Did flip through it and love Bobby Jones swing.

Have a great weekend!